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Notes From WhereCamp 2011

Land's End

I’ve been in San Francisco (and nearby) for most of the last week, primarily to attend this year’s WhereCamp, which was held at Stanford. I had a ton of great conversations about data, privacy, transit systems, community organizing, and how Portland is or isn’t like other places.

I also led a session on geo-games (games with a locative element, digital or otherwise) and design strategies, mechanics, and reward systems. We started off with a list of these items that I had gathered from earlier reading, and added more items and other details on the whiteboard through our discussion. Amber Case made a spreadsheet from the whiteboard notes: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?hl=en&hl=en&key=0Asy5qINtkUStdEZPeE5mODVIa1hCV2tlOUFPZ3JxTkE&output=html

We couldn’t talk about games without playing a few, of course. Amber and Aaron ran a couple of demos of MapAttack, which is built on their GeoLoqi platform, and lets two teams compete for points by capturing dots while running around outside. At another session I was introduced to Dokobots, an iPhone game involving lost robots who crashlanded on Earth and have to be found and re-activated and sent off to explore things.

WhereCampPDX will be returning again this year as well. We’re tentatively scheduled for October 7-8-9 and ought to have more details on the site soon.

WhereCampPDX and Portland Timbers Playoffs

A slice of the weekend.

WhereCampPDX Opening Party
Everything set up for the party at Gallery Homeland.

WhereCampPDX Opening Party
James Fee plays with his phone.

WhereCampPDX Opening Party
Rafa kept the music going.

WhereCampPDX Opening Party
Toward the end of the night.

Rick Nixon from the City of Portland talks about the open data initiative.

In front of the schedule grid.

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse causes much laughter.

WhereCampPDX Hackfest
Hackity hack.

WhereCampPDX Hackfest

Ben ponders the PacManhattan set up.

Ghosts waiting for their turn to go.

Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (playoff)
The start of the Timbers game.

Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (playoff)
Smoke after a goal.

Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (playoff)
We lose. It is sad.

From Side Project to Startup

Remember all that talk about side projects last spring (and all summer, and also right now)? CubeSpace and Legion of Tech are putting on From Side Project to Startup, a free event for people who want to turn their other thing into the main gig. It’s going to have a mixture of unconference sessions and scheduled presentations, and runs Sept. 12-13. You can RSVP now on Upcoming.

P.S.: The event still needs sponsors. Sponsors help us keep these events free to the public so everyone can participate and learn.

There Will Be BarCamp

BarCamp Portland is happening just two days from now, starting May 2nd, 6pm, at CubeSpace.

If you’re not familiar with BarCamps in general, this is an unconference, an event with set times and dates, but the schedule determined on site by participants. It has a technology focus, but really anyone who can read this blog is likely to find something of interest. And it has one of my favorite rules for any event: if you’re not learning or contributing by staying where you are, then you should respectfully find somewhere else where you can be. If that means switching sessions, or adding something to the schedule, that’s great. You have the ability and the responsibility to make this your event.

Some topics that have been suggested so far:

  • Design and geekdom
  • Digital photography
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Erlang and Haskell
  • A mini WordCamp (for users of WordPress) on Sunday
  • Software business cooperatives

This is only a start. We’ll have over 100 session slots filled with … something … that you can help decide with the rest of us this Friday evening and through the rest of the weekend.