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Sounds and Pictures

Oncoming Train

Last week, to follow on from the discussion of atemporality, I started sort of an essay/rant about the future being a fictional construct, the non-linear nature of “progress”, and how making and remixing intersect. I haven’t felt inspired to shape it into something actually readable, so instead, how about some music and photos?

Above is a song I wrote with the KORG DS-10 cartridge on my Nintendo DS (RSS reader folks, click through to see it).

I also made something I’m calling an atemporal dance mix (my mom says it’s good for cheering yourself up, too).

Faded Mudshark

To finish, here’s Mudshark reprising his role as a furry creature from beyond.

Fade Out

Here’s the first of my experiments with the Polapremium Fade to Black film.

A few minutes after taking the photos.
Fade to Black

About an hour later.
Fade to Black

The first photo, a day later. You can just barely see the remains of the image. This one is now taped inside a window, trying the suggestion that Fade to Black photos can be bleached out to reveal more of the image again.

Fade to Black - Day 2

The second photo, finished. This one I peeled open and let dry for about a day before taping it back together and scanning the image. The front image and the back foil don’t quite lay flat now, giving the image the appearance of depth. It’s a neat effect, and one I’d like to play with more. Maybe I could reassemble the photo with some sort of spacer keeping the layers apart?


I really love the colors of this film. It’s a bit more work to capture the result at any point in the development, and if you open the photo to stop the development process, that’s it, no going back. But I like that photography can still be this hands-on, messy thing, not completely measured and precise. It feels good to muck around and see what happens.

In a Blur

Last week happened. I think. I had a sinus headache on Saturday that made everything from earlier in the week seem vague and hard-to-remember, so I’m stuck looking for pictorial evidence.

This is a sketch I made on my phone (using Brushes) at the pdx.rb meeting while Igal was talking about why he uses rcov. His code example involved kitties, so obviously kitties love rcov too.

In My Neighborhood

This is a polaroid I took while walking around my neighborhood on … Thursday? I finished off the Artistic-TZ film pack I had in the SX-70, so next up is a pack of Fade to Black film, which does exactly what it sounds like, over a 24-hour period after the photo is taken. The scans I’ve seen online are pretty neat, so I’m excited to try it out for myself.

I also did a few things like go to the Open Source Bridge work session, and fix a couple of setup instructions in OpenConferenceWare that I found confusing. And I watched the Superbowl with friends, though honestly I’m a much bigger fan of Puppy Bowl. I think the mass appeal of watching puppies and kittens run around in circles must say something about human nature, or western civilization, or something like that. But I don’t know what.

UFO House in Yucca, AZ

UFO House

We drove past this a couple of times before finally giving in to curiosity and stopping to check it out. A few sites I’ve found label it as Golf Ball House, but given the alien figures in the windows, it’s clearly a UFO.

Desert Landing

Right on Highway 40 in the otherwise abandoned-looking town of Yucca, the house is surrounded by a number of metal saucers and other sculptures. And a mini-mart in a trailer, if you need to get something to drink or a package of beef jerky.

Alien Road Trip

Plus a couple of aliens on a road trip. Though I think they’d be creamed by the trucks out there.

Hackberry General Store on Route 66

Route 66 through Arizona is a fascinating mix of tourist nostalgia, run-down and abandoned buildings and towns, and open desert. The Hackberry General store is the best of the first category, a gas station-turned-gift shop and collection of curiosities.

Hackberry General Store



Uncanny Valley

More pictures from this visit (and a previous one, in 2007) on Flickr.

WhereCampPDX and Portland Timbers Playoffs

A slice of the weekend.

WhereCampPDX Opening Party
Everything set up for the party at Gallery Homeland.

WhereCampPDX Opening Party
James Fee plays with his phone.

WhereCampPDX Opening Party
Rafa kept the music going.

WhereCampPDX Opening Party
Toward the end of the night.

Rick Nixon from the City of Portland talks about the open data initiative.

In front of the schedule grid.

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse causes much laughter.

WhereCampPDX Hackfest
Hackity hack.

WhereCampPDX Hackfest

Ben ponders the PacManhattan set up.

Ghosts waiting for their turn to go.

Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (playoff)
The start of the Timbers game.

Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (playoff)
Smoke after a goal.

Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (playoff)
We lose. It is sad.

Vancouver Island Vacation

I’d been looking forward to this all summer. A whole week of camping and touristing around Victoria on Vancouver Island: no email, no distractions, no stress or worries. Well, it didn’t quite work out the way I expected. I made a little comic to explain. Click below to see for yourself.

August Vacation – 2009

A few photo highlights that didn’t make it into the comic: