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Women in Technology: the book

We must be at the end of September, because today the last essays in O’Reilly’s Women in Technology series were posted. Mine was earlier in the week, found here if you missed it. Some very interesting perspectives were included. One big thing I noticed is that most women seemed to attribute their success to doing what they were interested in, whether or not anyone else thought they should. But the same people also benefited greatly from being around people who did support them. Maybe we need to keep talking about women’s participation in technology as both an individual effort and a group one.

If you’re interested in further supporting the goals of this series, or just having the whole collection in one handy package, a print edition will be available starting in mid-October, but you can pre-order now. All proceeds will be donated to the Alliance of Technology & Women scholarship fund.

Much thanks to Tatiana Apandi for being the organizer and editor of this project.