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Notes from OSCON 2011

I was at the Oregon Convention Center 7 days in a row last week, which feels like it should qualify for some sort of marathon record. First to attend CLS, where I learned a lot about open source foundations and various projects’ deploy processes, then OSCON, where I learned more about foundations and deploying (oddly enough). I left with a big stack of ideas to work on for Calagator and other projects.

Christie, Sherri, and I gave a well-received talk on event planning at OSCON (“Event Planning for Geeks”). We’re still building this out, but an initial event planning handbook is live on the Stumptown Syndicate site. You can also view our slides. We realized in the course of writing the talk that we have way more material than we’re comfortable squeezing into a <1hr slot, so we'll be working on expanding this into a 2-3 hr. long workshop.

In response to several conversations we had over the week, we set up a Citizen Code of Conduct site to make it easy to share our open source citizenship-focused guidelines from Open Source Bridge. The document is CC-licensed, so you can easily re-use it for your own events and projects.

Another cool thing happened while we were busy at the conferences: “Collective Agency” announced its plans for the space formerly known as Souk. Stumptown Syndicate is happy to be one of the initial workgroup partners, and we’ll be working on how we can use this space to support the local user group community.

So—onward to August.

My Conference Schedule

It’s going to be a busy summer.

Open Source Bridge, June 21-24
The 3rd year of our conference for open source citizens. In addition to being on the planning committee (talk to me if you need a media pass or want to schedule a BoF), I’m moderating a panel on building and maintaining open source communities.

Indie Web Camp, June 25-26
Assuming I don’t fall over from exhaustion first, I’ll be at this unconference/hacking event for people working on distributed social software.

Community Leadership Summit, July 23-24
I’ve never been to CLS before, but this unconference on building tech communities has been recommended to me several times, so I signed up.

OSCON, July 25-29
Christie Koehler, Sherri Montgomery, and I will be presenting Event Planning for Geeks, a condensed guide to successful unconferences, code sprints, and beyond.

SecondConf, September 23-25
I’ll speaking at this Chicago conference for iOS and Mac developers, on some combination of mobile devices, game design, location, and not being creepy (unless, of course, that’s your goal). Creepius will probably make an appearance.

WhereCampPDX, October 7-9
Portland’s location and technology unconference is on year 4! I still love helping plan this event. We haven’t really started the planning process in earnest (first everyone has to get through OSBridge) but you can join the mailing list to find out what’s happening as soon as we know it ourselves.

There Will Be BarCamp

BarCamp Portland is happening just two days from now, starting May 2nd, 6pm, at CubeSpace.

If you’re not familiar with BarCamps in general, this is an unconference, an event with set times and dates, but the schedule determined on site by participants. It has a technology focus, but really anyone who can read this blog is likely to find something of interest. And it has one of my favorite rules for any event: if you’re not learning or contributing by staying where you are, then you should respectfully find somewhere else where you can be. If that means switching sessions, or adding something to the schedule, that’s great. You have the ability and the responsibility to make this your event.

Some topics that have been suggested so far:

  • Design and geekdom
  • Digital photography
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Erlang and Haskell
  • A mini WordCamp (for users of WordPress) on Sunday
  • Software business cooperatives

This is only a start. We’ll have over 100 session slots filled with … something … that you can help decide with the rest of us this Friday evening and through the rest of the weekend.

Women in Ruby/Rails

From #railsconf:

[09:34am] lectrick: DHH brings the ladies to railsconf. … Or not.
[09:34am] treble19: there are ladies here
[09:34am] Coderifous: I counted 4 females
[09:34am] treble19: I am one
[09:34am] lectrick: Yes, there’s actually a hot one right in front of me
[09:35am] Coderifous: Congratulations, you have incredible odds.
[09:35am] chriswarren: lectrick: there are a few of them here
[09:35am] malkofac: there was one cute one who handed me my goodie bag
[09:35am] • apples is a lady
[09:35am] chriswarren: malkofac: I know who you mean, I think
[09:35am] _dav: you know, chicks use irc too
[09:36am] treble19: yes we do
[09:36am] _dav: see
[09:36am] malkofac: yes, us women use irc

Okay, so I’m not at RailsConf, but it’s a quick bus ride from my apartment. And I think it’s really amazingly ridiculous that in 2007 I’m still watching this kind of conversation take place. I’d like to put together some kind of women’s meetup this weekend, if I can figure out how to invite people and coordinate it. There’s usually some kind of board set up in the hall for posting such things. Maybe I’ll wander down there and take a look. And if you’re female, and at RailsConf, and reading this: please email me. It’s spinnerin at gmail.

Update: I talked to Desi of DevChix, and she said that they’re planning some kind of get-together, so I’m going to try to hook up with that. I’ll post more details as I have them.