Catching Up

I completely forgot to post last week. But at least I have a good excuse. Soapbox, part of a set of products I’m working on for Restaurant Intelligence Agency, launched last Monday. I’ve been working with Neoteric Design on this project since last spring, and there’s still two more sections to go (in progress: a communications tool for chefs and restaurateurs, and a media service to connect journalists with what site members are doing). It’s one of my favorite professional projects so far—Ellen and the rest of the RIA team are really great to work with.

Other things:
We had a Calagator code sprint on Saturday, and finished up a bunch of previous work in progress. Changes you might notice: a tag cloud in the sidebar, and improved search functionality.

Kittens on boxes

Kittens are still adorable.

My graphic design class at PNCA is going really well, but that’s another thing keeping me busy. One odd side effect: I’m paying much more attention to the use of type on just about everything I see now. The band posters plastered around our neighborhood are surprisingly slick.

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