Creepius Went to OPB

Last week OPB hosted PublicMediaCamp, an evening unconference about news, public media, journalism, and anything else we wanted to discuss. Creepius tagged along and checked out the pledge drive set.

Creepius at OPB

Creepius at OPB

I would not recommend giving Creepius your personal information. Even if he says he’s not going to share it with anyone. He lies.

While he was running around, getting into who knows what sort of mischief, I led a session on Portland, technology, and reporting. Christie and Melissa took notes here. I’ve been thinking about how we can improve the depth of reporting on the local tech scene, so it was fun to brainstorm further with the other participants.

Many attendees expressed an interest in attending a follow-up event, but in the meantime there’s a mailing list to keep the discussion going.

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