Tomatoes, Pickles, Olives


These are the things currently in some state of food-preservation effort after this weekend. The fridge is full of pickles, the counter is covered with tomato jars that need to be labeled and stored, and the kitchen table has two large stockpots with olives in brine (I have a bucket to move those into later today, so it can be stored somewhere more convenient).

Other events:

PublicMediaCamp is at OPB tomorrow night. I’m not sure what one talks about at PublicMediaCamp, but I do have a post-digital media spiel we could toss around.

The main event, of course, is WhereCampPDX, starting this Friday. We’re down to the last of the details that need arranging, and 110 people have registered so far. There’s still time to sign up if you haven’t yet.

Lucas and I both really appreciate all the kind words about Mudshark. Sputnik is climbing the walls without another cat to play with (he does that anyhow, but now it’s even worse) so we’ve started browsing the Humane Society listings with an eye to getting another kitty in a couple of weeks. This is how I discovered their interesting habit of naming kittens after food products. There was a whole set of Indian food kittens last week, plus a Tortellini and some other pastas, but most have found homes now.

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