Some Weeks Are Just Hard


The past couple of weeks have been very stressful. Mudshark is not doing so well, and the process of figuring out what’s wrong has involved many inconclusive test results, one very conclusive finding (he has a large tumor in his chest), two trips to the vet to have fluid drained from his chest cavity, and much stress over whether he’s breathing okay, eating enough, and what our treatment options are.

Thankfully I can tell you that we’ve fed him two and a half syringes of prescription food tonight, that he’s dealing with the breathing problems as best as any cat could hope, and we have a appointment with a specialist for Wednesday. But it’s hard to not lose hope, and get bogged down watching him struggle.

I wrote a piece I liked this past week and I think I should share it here. It’s called “Why contribute to a community project when you can build your own silo?” and it’s about open data issues and open source projects and Portland food carts. I’ve been thinking about a lot of big picture questions about Portland and business and open source and why we do things the way we do. I hope I can provoke other developers into thinking about these issues as well.

The third thing for this post is that I went for a walk with Reid on Saturday down E Burnside and took a bunch of pictures. The weather was great for this, and it’s fun to slow down and just poke around.

A Cat and His Parking Lot


Foti's Deli

Sign Shadows


Construction Zone

Formerly Honest Bill's

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