Reading, Writing

Mt. Tabor Reservoir

Recent activities: Reading. Too much phone tag with the vet. Scanning Polaroids. Writing snippets of notes and narrative. Admiring my shiny new Fall Fieldbook. Scheming ways to convince people to vote for my SXSW panel.

I’m having the back-to-school-like desire to soak up information and synthesize it into new things. This has been good for clearing out my non-fiction queue. A recurring theme seems to be truth and presentation: On Photography talks about the photographer always imposing a point of view, the inherent manipulation of photographic images; The Gang Who Wouldn’t Write Straight discusses New Journalism, the 1960s & ’70s, and how semi-fictional narrative can sometimes be truer than a straight list of facts; New Liberal Arts revisits storytelling, media literacy, and the manufacturing of one’s image.

This seems like a good place to be, in the last weeks of summer.

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