Open Source, Government, Business, and Portland

This week I did two pieces on things going on around Portland’s technology sphere. The first was a guest post for Silicon Florist about bringing open source into government:

A number of us recently read the Willamette Week’s coverage of open source and the City of Portland’s engagement with the open source community. Seeing this type of coverage from a mainstream publication was a high watermark of sorts. A step forward. But how big of a step?

I asked Audrey Eschright, Open Source Bridge co-founder, the driving force behind Calagator, and local open source advocate, for her take on it […]. What she provided wound up being—by her own admission—an accidental manifesto on open source and municipal government.

The other piece is a comic on the cycles of underinvestment reflected in discussions about Portland tech business.

It's all about the money

I’ve been interested in how people often make comments like the ones above in the midst of the same discussions without seeing how they’re connected. If you look at it all together, it makes sense that our economic activities are so externally focused—locally, the money doesn’t move fast enough. It’s all part of the same problem.

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