It’s a bit later than I intended, but I’ve started assembling the pages for a Fall Fieldbook (like the summer book, but you know, for fall). This time I’m replacing the writing/activity prompts on the notebook pages with the text of Jabberwocky, and I’m planning to include a Lovecraft story (as soon as I decide which one). I plan on having it uploaded to Lulu by the end of the week. Fortunately the process is a little faster now that I can use the previous book as a template.


I ordered the starter pack of PX color film from the Impossible Project, and I’ve been testing it out in my SX-70 camera. On the whole I like it, but I’m having a hard time with it being a low-ISO film that needs protection from light when it comes out of the camera. The combination seems a little silly, and I’m not eager to tape cardboard to my camera to make up for the top layer of the film chemistry not being opaque enough.


The results are pretty, though.

The technology/city conversations keep going—Tuesday’s PDC meeting followed up on questions about supporting user groups, startup funding, mentoring opportunities. There’s really a strong community-wide sentiment that we need a designated community space, a home for groups and events that will restore some of what was lost when Cubespace closed. I started a set of wiki pages to keep track of the data, questions, and discussion we have so far, since I think it’s important to make sure people on the edges of the conversation (which is most of you) can follow what’s going on and chime in.

I’d also really like to see more people do blog posts like this one by Amber Case that detail what sorts of outcomes you want to participate in. We’re quickly moving from “what problems do we need to address?” to “what are we going to do about it?” and I’m in favor of more voices helping answer that.

Also: don’t forget to sign up for WhereCampPDX. I’m planning to do some sort of session to talk about the local tech economy and how we see ourselves. There’s going to be a ton of other cool stuff going on too. I love that on year 3 it feels like we’ve worked out most of the event-planning kinks and the rest is just the execution. Less thinking about the same old questions, more doing.

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