Another Week, Another Round of git Commits


I am noticing that the harder I work during the week, the less I want to do on the weekend. Lucas went to Bremerton to watch the Timbers U-23 team play in the Western Conference finals, and I stayed home and sat around, thought about stuff, watched more X Files, read a little, and cleaned the bathroom. Oh, and a little cooking: berry jam and zucchini muffins and roasted vegetables.

If you’ve been following the whole City of Portland / economic development / software industry thing, there’s a meeting on Tuesday you may want to attend. The next round of discussion with the PDC is happening at 4:30pm at their offices. Full details are on Calagator. I’ve been talking to various people about the community space issue, and how we want to address it, and it feels like this is starting to gel into something we can make happen, so that’s one big issue I hope to discuss tomorrow.

Other things I’m thinking about: the Urban Sketching Symposium, which I didn’t attend but watched through the blogs; maybe taking a graphic design class in the fall; making videos with puppets and toy dinosaurs; what I want to read next; writing SF stories about Google.

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