Hot hot hot

The other half of my workspace

While everyone else was at OSCON, I worked. And tried not to melt (I still have no hot weather tolerance, surprising no one). At work we’re wrapping up an intense 2-week sprint, and about to launch into the next one. Head down, work work work feels pretty good right now. I’m behind on email again but it’s so mundane that’s hardly worth noting. Yesterday was spent reading Feed, which I recommend if your summer reading list needs a zombie thriller.

I also picked up Being Digital, after seeing it mentioned in passing. In 1995, when Nicholas Negroponte wrote this book, I was a high school student who accessed the internet through a dial-up connection to the library gopher system, using a Macintosh Classic. 2400 baud. Text-only too (I wouldn’t have regular access to internet with pictures or graphical browsing for another two years). So it’s interesting to see how many of his comments are still relevant, given that the technology has advanced, but the issues around people using the internet to shlep bits remain completely familiar.

I suspect work work work is the background to think think think. Filling my conscious thoughts with a set of activities while ideas churn underneath. Reading and watching things to load more ideas into the crush. When the weather cools, I hope it will explode into a cascade of insights, project pieces, the shape of what I’m doing next.

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