Long Weekend

Yay for holiday weekends.

I’m still hermiting. Lots of staying in and reading and working on things. I’m trying to motivate myself to spend more time writing—I have an idea for a story that would be fun to write, but I haven’t managed to get started yet. Still thinking. I have a bunch of project ideas like that right now.

I finished Anathem at the start of the weekend and immediately started on How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, which is a fun guide to quantum physics (a major topic in Anathem). I’m a few chapters in and learning all sorts of weird things that happen when you try to observe quantum processes. Also, yesterday I picked up Americana, which I ditched 3/4 of the way in last year, and finished it. Not sure if it was worth it, since the end of the book is kind of a mess.

I’ve been catching up on knitting too. I finished the first sock from a pair I started last year. I’m not entirely happy with the toe, but if I tinker and get something I like better on sock 2, I’ll redo it. Otherwise, not a big deal—it’s going to be hidden in my shoe when I wear these.

My birthday’s in just under two weeks. Somehow turning 30 last year seems less startling than being a year into my 30s now. It feels sort of random that this should matter, but there I am.

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