I Think it Might Be Summer

It’s sunny outside. And 70 degrees. Shocking. Now if we can just keep things exactly like this till September, I’ll be thrilled.

I have to admit, though, despite the weather being nice I haven’t been outside so much, because I’m having a anti-social streak and all I want to do is watch movies or read. I’m also woefully behind on email. Just letting you know, nothing personal. At some point I will get over my angst/mental exhaustion/full-time World Cup habit and catch up on all the people-stuff.

Work-wise I’m switching between 2-3 projects in any given week. I’m glad we’re busy, but it definitely forces me to stay organized. I had a great experience on Friday, though. I had a task that had a set of technical pieces that looked like they were going to be time-consuming and messy, but I kept researching and trying things until I found the simple solution. I love when that works out.

Not work stuff:
We signed up for Netflix so we could try the streaming content on the Wii option, and it’s awesome. I think Lucas and I watched a movie/show almost every single night last week. My personal obsession involves the stockpile of X-Files episodes they have available. I wasn’t a regular viewer, so a bunch of these are new to me, and it’s really interesting seeing how well it’s held up over time.

I also started reading Anathem. I think I was avoiding it for fear the setting was going to be kinda wanky (even though I really like Stephenson’s work) but so far it’s holding up well, the invented words aren’t interfering with the fun, and at a third of the way through I feel like I’m in the middle of Lord of the Rings without knowing what the Epic Task for our protagonist will be (I do have a guess).

Watching USA/Ghana at Tanker bar

I did go out to watch USA/Ghana on Saturday. Tanker Bar was a good pick. Alas, the US did not win.

What else? Summer weather means summer cooking, so we’ve had potato salad, homemade crackers, cherry pie, and hopefully coleslaw later today with the cabbage Lucas picked up at last week’s Eastbank farmers market. I’m starting to feel really confident about making dressings and cold salads. I did a bunch last summer during the heat wave, and it’s getting to where I just check a recipe for ideas, not because I’m worried about a disgusting mess if I don’t.

Enough rambling. It’s lunchtime (cheese and homemade crackers and potato salad!) and Brazil is currently beating Chile 3-0.

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