The Longest Day of the Year

It’s Monday again, somehow. I woke up briefly, early this morning, to wonder what day of the week it was. Another Sunday? No such luck.

It feels like I’m in a review and re-thinking phase right now, after a very project-oriented spring. I’ve been making lists: roles I play, behaviors I want to model, things I’d like to be doing right now. The Summer Fieldbook has a page at the start of the week for planning—I wasn’t sure how I’d use it, but this week’s is a mix of “talk to so-and-so about project X” and “remember to make pesto from the basil you bought at the farmer’s market”.

Taking time to rest and reflect feels hard, like it’s not “real work”. I know this is silly, that it’s a productive activity, but I resist it, so I’m practicing patience and awareness. Letting myself wait and see.

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