Not As Planned

Monday is usually when I do my weekly recap, but after having the end of my weekend trip prolonged a day after our flight was canceled, I’m not really feeling up for it. The short version is: we went to Vegas for Lucas’s niece’s graduation (his family lives there), spent the weekend hanging around, and expected to be home last night, only to have our flight canceled after a couple hours of delays. I learned a bunch of useful stuff, like: when the situation at the gate is a disaster, call the 1-800 number and get them to rebook you instead. Also, sooner or later you’ll be glad you always pack an extra shirt and underwear.

At least Las Vegas is not a difficult town to find accommodations in, and we had a nice dinner, and my brother the fabulous cat sitter was able to handle the change of plans, and now we’re home again. But tired.

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