What Needs Aren’t Being Met?

I went through the answers to two more questions from the first PDC survey to provide a summary of responses. These involved things respondents wanted in order to improve their business’s relationship with Portland, and infrastructure needs that weren’t explicitly covered in a previous question.

The answers seem to reflect a similar sense of disenfranchisement among some respondents to that which was described in answers to the initial survey question. Requests for local government actions make up the largest group, and a large number of others relate to general attitudes and planning approaches.

Please note that not all survey-takers answered these two questions, only those who said they had a less-than-satisfactory Portland relationship (for the first question), and those with infrastructure needs not otherwise noted in previous questions about transportation, work spaces, telecommunications, and so on (for the second).

What could be done to repair the relationship of your business with the Portland region?

Funding issues:
* Improved access to capital
* Business networking between innovators and VCs
* Encourage established businesses to provide funding to up-and-comers
* Provide seed funding for small businesses

Infrastructure and assets:
* Affordable office space for small companies
* Startup incubators

Local government activities:
* Ease regulation of innovative businesses
* Improve transportation infrastructure (public transit, cars, affordable parking)
* Improve policing, safe streets, get homeless and drug dealers off streets
* Create an advisory group to the city and local govt. to encourage beneficial decisions
* Liaisons between the PDC and entrepreneurs
* Recruit big businesses to move here
* Improve RFP process, give opportunities to participants without political connections
* Recruit high-speed internet providers (like Google Fiber)
* Recruit high-profile events like OSCON
* Educational system funding (K12, higher ed, technical education)
* Lower taxes, bring taxes in line with nearby areas

Other activities:
* Help businesses find customers
* Opportunities to showcase tech businesses to other businesses (inside and outside the area)
* Promoting PDX tech strengths to outside world

Overall attitude and strategy:
* Strategic commitments, leadership focused on building tech businesses, reverse hostile attitudes
* Encourage more startups
* Focus on middle class, not intellectuals/creatives
* Increased respect for big businesses
* Give attention to businesses outside open source
* Encourage particular technology areas to start larger projects in Portland (video games)
* Improve connections between higher-ed and industry

What other type of infrastructure most affects your business?

* Affordable datacenters
* Community meeting spaces
* Visa programs for foreign students
* Safe outside environment
* Large businesses to act as customers
* Favorable political landscape
* Particular employee skill-sets
* Good quality of life
* Higher-ed research centers

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