A Month in Comics

Daily comic for May 8

Early last week I signed up for a Flickr group that’s doing a comic a day throughout May. I’ve been looking for more ways to get myself drawing regularly, so this seemed like a good fit. It’s been fun trying to think of something each day. I start sketching during lunch, and finish it up when I’m done with work for the day, so I have time to come up with an idea and plot it out in my head.

If you’re curious to follow along, I’m posting them to my Flickr account, and on my mostly-unused Tumblr page, if that’s more your thing.

Yesterday we went on our first hiking trip of the year. Just a short jaunt through Forest Park, but Lucas and I have agreed this will be A Trend and we’ll start hiking regularly again. We saw a heron right at the start, hanging out in Balch Creek. Tons of people were walking by, but it seemed pretty unfazed by the activity. I tried to get a picture—unfortunately the iPhone doesn’t have a zoom lens.

I also bought my first Oregon strawberries of the year, at the farmers market. I would declare that this plus the hiking is evidence that summer is on the way, but today it’s gray and drizzling and I think the weekend weather may just have been a taunt. Sigh.

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