Fieldbook Giveaway

Giant soccer

When I ordered my proof of the Summer Fieldbook, I bought a second copy so I could compare shipping options (really, I was worried that the default shipping would be slow). Surprisingly, the “slower” media mail book arrived on Saturday, and the FedEx Home Delivery one only got here yesterday. So the faster shipping option wasn’t actually faster, at least in this case.

This means I have a spare copy of the Fieldbook to give away to you, my fabulous blog readers. All you need to do is leave a comment with something you’re looking forward to doing this summer. Like watching the World Cup, or eating ice cream. I’ll pick a winner at random on Monday, May 10th, so be sure to fill in an email address I can use to reach you.

6 responses to “Fieldbook Giveaway

  1. Yay! Erm… I’m looking forward to getting some lovely sunshine! And camping with some TA ladies! And plenty more Timbers matches for which I won’t have to wear my scarf for warmth!

  2. Where do I even start? Well, I want to go to the PDXSeamsters Sewing Studio ( and get some help on long-procrastinated projects.

    I also have a couple of other creative projects that have been swirling around my brain that I would really like to actuate.

    I would also like to be employed, in part so I can bike home on a summer evening and hang out on my deck and cool off after work. But, if that fails, I am going to take advantage of being able to take hikes on weekdays and beat the crowds.

    That and a 2-week trip to Israel should keep me pretty busy all summer.

  3. I’m looking forward to lying on the grass in Laurelhurst park on sunny afternoons, and drinking limeade spiked with 12 bridges gin. 🙂

    (And riding my mt bike all over the PNW, but that’s a given.)

  4. We’re looking forward to completing the purchase of a home near Portland and moving there (and, of course, being in Pioneer Square for 30 hour day).

  5. I am sooo looking forward to eating heirloom tomatoes and fresh hot peppers!

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