From Timbers to Trout Lake

It must’ve been a busy week, because I have a bunch of things to talk about.

TA Trailer Win
On Thursday I took my Polaroid OneStep to the Timbers game (vs. Vancouver, a great win, go Ryan Pore).

Saturday we had the the CivicApps meetup. I took notes if you’re curious about what we discussed. The second half of the day, a few of us worked on a Food Cart Finder app—something I’ve been plotting for a while. The current food cart map is perpetually out of date, so I’ve been thinking of ways I could build a mobile web app to make it easy for people to report new food cart information, then integrate that into a food cart database and map. In ~4 hours we were able to get a prototype of the reporting functions up and running, and went out to record a few carts. The next step is to build the system for using reports to update food cart info, but I’ll probably put this on hold until I finish Party Bus and other things for my OSBridge presentation.

On Sunday I went up to my grandparents’ place in Trout Lake. They live across the road from a dairy farm, and several of the neighbors have livestock.

Hanging out with the llamas

I posted this to Twitter while out walking around, and Steven Walling replied:

Twitter / Steven Walling: @spinnerin Now you must lo ...
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Llamas. Bringing Linux to the wilderness. Yep.

And speaking of things you can bring into the wilderness with you, the Summer Fieldbook is, as previously reported, now available for purchase. You wouldn’t want to find yourself at the end of the summer with no record of what you’ve been up to, would you?

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