Ready to Go: Summer Fieldbook

Since September I’ve been keeping a daily notebook. It’s just a little report on what I did: work, side-projects, events, going out to eat or have drinks somewhere.

Notebook Pages

I’ve been reading about other people using print-on-demand to make custom notebooks for a while, and seeing the results of the SXSW Fieldnotes books gave me an idea for a project to try of my own.

I designed a notebook to be used as a summer journal and memento. There are day pages to keep track of what you did, blank notebook pages, QR code bookmarks to things you might want to look up on the go, dinosaurs, and a full map of Forest Park, which you can use to plan a hike or keep track of where you’ve been.

Fieldbook: map of Forest Park

If you’d like your own copy, it’s for sale on Lulu now. Since the books are printed as they’re ordered, I recommend getting your order in by May 14th to make sure that it’ll arrive before Memorial Day weekend (when the datebook starts) using the cheapest shipping option.

This is a book that’s meant to be scribbled in, have things taped to the pages, and need a rubberband to hold it shut. I’m excited to use it and look for ideas on how to make the next one even more fun.

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