Dinosaur Summer

summer fieldbook cover.psd @ 25% (RGB/8)
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I’ve been working on the Summer Fieldbook project on and off the last week, and yesterday I uploaded it to Lulu. I’m waiting to see a proof before I make it public, but with any luck I’ll have the page live online next week. Finishing up the content went a little faster than I expected, in part because I decided to quit worrying about whether I’d included everything that would be useful. It’s the sort of book where you could paste in new parts if you needed, and so what if the events listed are mostly tech, beer, and soccer?

On Saturday we went to the Stumptown Comics Fest, where I picked up various things to read, and talked to friends who had tables. Talking about comics makes me feel like I should be drawing more comics—I want to do something of the sort to go with my “Fine Line Between Creepy and Fun” project, but right now my ideas are pretty vague (Edward Gorey-esque art, fun/creepy scenarios illustrated, some general ranting). So my side-project schedule for the next month is basically: work on Party Bus, work on my OSBridge presentation, start the comic to go with it, and try to make this all into a nice bundle of stuff on the topic before June 1.

This coming Saturday, I’m organizing an unofficial CivicApps meetup at Nedspace Oldtown. If you’ve been curious about the city of Portland’s open data offerings, come talk to other people about what’s available and how they’re using it. If you’ve already started working on something, that’s even better. There’s no official RSVP, but if you want to let me know you’re going, add yourself to the event on Plancast. You can use your Twitter account to log in if you’re not already using the site.

And that’s it for now. Off to start another busy week.

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