Researching the Line Between Creepy and Fun

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My Open Source Bridge talk, “The Fine Line Between Creepy and Fun“, has been accepted, so I’m starting to pull together the things I want to discuss. If you have two minutes to spare, I’d really love it if you’d take the survey I set up during SXSW. It’s completely anonymous, but I might quote you in my presentation or other materials. It’s okay if you shuffle a couple of details to make the situation you’re describing less identifiable, too. I’ll understand.

I’m also going to be doing more work on my Party Bus project, since its goal of being the most embarrassing social app possible is right in line with the rest of this. I don’t think I’ve given a proper description of it on here: it uses the Foursquare API to create a virtual drunken adventure involving the people you’re actually in a room with. They could be friends or strangers, but the app will tell you how it turned out the next morning. It’s about halfway implemented at this point.

I have a few other ideas for related experiments, but nothing firm yet. I’d love to find something interesting to do with demographic-targeted Facebook ads, or ChatRoulette Map, or perhaps Hunch. I’m trying to get beyond the obvious, too—while privacy violations are a big deal, creepy isn’t just about whether you have the privacy you expect, it’s in how other people make use of that access.

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