Go Team

On Saturday I attended the Timbers opening match. It was fun, and they won despite a slow start, the whole thing kind of like the first day back at school when you know the routine, you know how it’s supposed to work, but maybe it’ll go well and maybe it won’t, just have to show up and find out. I made an audio recording of the first few minutes of the game, all the singing and cheering and energy.

They had fireworks, too. At the start during the anthem, and when the goal was scored, and again at the end. I thought it was a nice present for the TA—”we know you like loud noises and smoke bombs so we got you some ‘splodey things”. The next game is on Thursday and you should come.

Other things going on:

I’m working on a notebook project, like James Bridle’s SXSW Fieldnotes, but focused on getting out and about around Portland in the summer. If there’s an event or excursion you always look forward to that makes your summer complete, would you drop me a note in the comments? I have a bunch of ideas for what to include, but I’m interested in hearing what the rest of you plan on doing once the weather turns warmer.

Both of my Open Source Bridge proposals were accepted, so I have some prep-work to do over the next month for those. One of them, the creepy/fun talk, I have some specific projects and participation requests in mind for, which I’ll be posting about shortly. You’ve missed the early bird registration deadline for the conference, but it’s still a very affordable $300 to attend, so if you’re a tech person and you haven’t signed up, don’t forget. I’ve seen people mention a ton of great talks that’ll be included (and the full schedule ought to be online soon).

Now, a quick lesson in differentiation:

Sputnik (a cat).
Sleeping Sputnik

Spudnik (a mobile poutine cart).

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