A Bright and Stormy Monday

Pioneer Courthouse in the rain

It’s been a fairly ordinary week, that major tablet product launch aside. Some work, some reading, scheming, baking things, waiting for UPS, playing with the iPad, and so on. I woke up this morning and asked if it was Sunday, but no, and I couldn’t even consider sleeping in because I had a dentist appointment.

I’ve been trying to clean up and reorganize a few things, both in my apartment and on the tech side. I switched my email client from POP to IMAP (so I can keep things in sync across three devices) except I forgot to flag the items I had in my inbox before, so now it’s cleared and I don’t remember who all I meant to reply to, or what tasks I was supposed to glean. Oops. If you’re expecting a reply to an email still, send me a reminder please.

I’ve been moving text notes from various folders (and the notes app on my phone) into Evernote. I have a tendency to write things down and forget about it, only to scratch out a braindump on the same topic a couple months later somewhere else. Does the repetition help?

Topics for scheming: ePub & XHTML, Ushahidi or other reporting systems for use in Portland, POD notebooks, more experiments in social awkwardness, electronic music on the iPad, salt-cured foods.

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