Sick Week

I’ve been sick with the flu for the last week, so I have very little to report, other than I seem to be getting better, slowly.

I read three books: Matter (which I liked very much), The Merchants’ War (it’s okay, but I have major criticisms of the whole series—at this point I’m just reading to see how Stross wraps it up), and Style Deficit Disorder (which is about Tokyo street fashion from the 1970s through mid-2000s). The last one makes me want to stockpile issues of Kera for an extended browsing binge.

Also some knitting: I all-but-finished the gray cabled sweater I’ve been slowly working on (just needs buttons and blocking), started something else, ripped it out, and finally started another project I’m calling the silk racing jacket for now.

Add a lot of coughing, napping, staring at the wall in exhaustion/boredom/ennui, watching the Olympics with the sound off, and periodic attempts to get work done, and that’s my week.

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