This Week in Experimental Photography

It’s Monday, so I should be writing my week-in-review dealy (some other people doing this are calling them weeknotes), but I’m pissed off because I ruined a picture I was really excited about when it jammed coming out of the Holgaroid, and I didn’t have tweezers to pull it out properly, so I had to open the camera, and now I’ll never get to see how the photo came out.

Things you don’t learn about photography when you only do digital: it’s sort of like Schrödinger’s Cat.

Cameron's Books A Few Minutes Later

I’ve been getting some nice results with the Fade to Black film in my SX-70, though. And Lucas dug up a OneStep camera for me, so when they start making 600 film again I’ll have three different Polaroid cameras to play with.

Laurelhurst Theater

It’s fun when it works.

One response to “This Week in Experimental Photography

  1. Holy cow, that’s an awesome picture of the Laurelhurst Theatre. Nice going.