Week in Review

Giant Dog
Dog spotted while grabbing lunch last week.

This is the 17th week in a row I’ve managed to do some sort of review post. Last week I went through and put all of them in their own category, so you can skim back through if you’re curious.

It’s been a somewhat busy week, too. I went to a Blazers game, photographed the Open Source Bridge 2010 Town Hall meeting (I’ll put the pictures in their own post), tried to get the hang of Polaroid pack film, and finished my first sweater in over, um, two years.

I’m also plotting a major reorganization for both this blog and my main website, focused around doing a better job of showing off my work and projects. Still working on the details—I think I want to combine everything under one domain, but I don’t really know what it should look like, yet.

So it goes. Busy. Now back to work.

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