UFO House in Yucca, AZ

UFO House

We drove past this a couple of times before finally giving in to curiosity and stopping to check it out. A few sites I’ve found label it as Golf Ball House, but given the alien figures in the windows, it’s clearly a UFO.

Desert Landing

Right on Highway 40 in the otherwise abandoned-looking town of Yucca, the house is surrounded by a number of metal saucers and other sculptures. And a mini-mart in a trailer, if you need to get something to drink or a package of beef jerky.

Alien Road Trip

Plus a couple of aliens on a road trip. Though I think they’d be creamed by the trucks out there.

One response to “UFO House in Yucca, AZ

  1. I think the comment about being “Creamed by the trucks out there” was very rude and unnecessary I am a Trucker and we are not out to “cream” anyone. How about a little respect for those who bring all of your daily needs and luxuries to you. Without trucks America stops!