On the Road

As I write this, I’m in a car on I-5 in the pouring rain, at the end of a six-day road trip from Portland to Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas and back again.

I don’t drive, so I’m just here to take pictures and chatter while Lucas negotiates the traffic. I’ve also been using my phone to plot rest stops, including some at local food providers’ shops, so we now have oranges, lemons, pistachios, dates, olives, and avocados, all from farming areas we passed through.

In addition to visiting family, we’ve had a solid dose of sunshine, seen a house shaped like a UFO, posed for photos by the (relocated) London Bridge, and passed by a lot of cows. Which are smellier in the rain.

About the only thing we need to make this perfect is the power to give stiff fines to the numerous crazy bad drivers also on these roads. Or perhaps a rocket launcher.

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