Happy 2010


I hope you are all having a good new year so far. Lucas and I started with a delicious NYE dinner at Nostrana, watching Star Trek movies, and a little knitting over the weekend. (He finished a really nifty scarf project and will hopefully post lots of pictures soon.)

I’ve been feeling like everything is slowed way down, muddled and difficult and confusing. I know this is part winter blah and part burnout, but I hoped between the end of the holidays and my near-hermitlike behavior over the last few months, I’d be feeling re-energized by now. So far, no luck. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this blank approaching a new year. It’s making it kind of hard to plan or set goals, and I like planning.


Ukulele has been loads of fun, though. I have five or six songs I can strum my way through pretty consistently. I’ve been tinkering with making a recording of something to show off, but I haven’t spent enough time at it to have a song ready to post. I do have a couple of bits of ukulele riffs looped and distorted on the UCreate mixer, though.

I think there’s a couple of sections in each of these that might be worth pulling out to use in something else. We’ll see. I collect a fair number of audio snippets that just sit in folders on my hard drive because I haven’t worked out what I want to make with it. In my mind I’m a budding electronica genius, but in practice, I need to actually finish something here.

Finishing things might be a good plan for 2010.

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