Christmas on Mt. Hood

As planned, we spent Christmas day on Mt. Hood.


There was snowshoeing, though not as much as expected due to poor route choice. But at least the mountain was pretty, and did not attempt to eat us alive.

Thanks to everyone who took my to do in 2010 survey last week.
I’ll leave the link active a little while longer if anyone else wants to chime in. It’s been interesting to see the responses so far.

I feel like I’m often struggling to balance tech projects with crafts/art/music ones, so I know that’s going to continue to be a challenge this next year. My goal is to make more art, and do a better job of getting the things I make out of my home (or computer) and out into the world, whether that’s by selling more work on Etsy, posting photos and videos online, or some other project. I’m considering reorganizing all of the “things for sale” into one consolidated shop on my site, if anyone has suggestions or ideas.

One push in the music direction comes via the shiny new ukulele Lucas got me for Christmas. I’ve already learned a few chords. It’s really a friendly instrument to work with.


Speaking of music, 2009 has been a good year for me discovering new artists and albums, so I made a little compilation of my favorites. Not all were released this year, but were new to me, and at least from this past decade. Have a listen.

One response to “Christmas on Mt. Hood

  1. What a beautiful uke!