Not So Festive

Usually I approach Christmas with a mix of excitement and trepidation, but this year I’m feeling really indifferent. I haven’t baked the usual batches of cookies. We don’t have any decorations up. I did buy gifts for most of the people I normally give gifts to, taking full advantage of Amazon Prime (yay flat rate shipping). And I remembered to do Christmas cards. But for Christmas itself, the actual getting together with people and celebrating, I decided to bail on the usual family plans and go snowshoeing instead with Lucas and my brother. I hope something outdoorsy will be a good way to counteract the ennui. Tune in next week to find out how that went.

Other things:

If you haven’t seen the BERG/Bonnier Mag+ prototype demo, and you’re at all interested in ebooks, digital publishing formats, etc., you really should watch the video. They demonstrate a very fluid way of designing a magazine to read on a digital tablet. Software-wise, this is already possible to create on an iPhone, but the screen isn’t really large enough for the reading experience they’re after, especially with photos. So maybe this will happen when Apple finally releases that much-rumored tablet.

Amanda Palmer, one of my favorite music discoveries for the year, posted a video of a ukulele song in place of a written blog post last week. It’s about Lady Gaga and pop music and art, and does a fun job of explaining what she thinks.

I spent a large chunk of Saturday playing a game called Braid. I first heard about it during a panel at SXSW, mentioned as an example of something with a really interesting set of game mechanics and story. The basic setup is like Super Mario Bros. (complete with a princess who is not in the castle at the end of this level, but perhaps if you keep searching you will find her), except you can make time move backward and forward, so you never really die. I got to a point where I’ve collected all the puzzle pieces I can figure out how to reach, and obviously there’s something else I need to do to be able to pick up the rest, but so far I don’t know what. Which is a little frustrating. (If you’ve solved it, no spoilers, but moral support is appreciated).

Today is the shortest day of the year, the official start of winter, but it’s going to be a couple of months before the winter gloom lifts again. It makes me want to hibernate.

After I wrote this, a man came and knocked on the door and said he’d found a bunch of mail from our building opened and wet, out in front of the building. I was in my pajamas still so I told him to leave it on the doorstep. When I went to check a little later, I found two Christmas cards, opened, and an empty mailer envelope that should have contained two books I ordered as presents.


To say that this is not helping with my lack of holiday cheer would be an understatement.

And another thing:

I posted this and then I remembered that half the point of these weekly updates is to tell y’all about things I’ve been working on that you can go check out. So, the Curious Life of Ms. Audrey M. Eschright 2009 Retrospective magazine is now live on MagCloud, should you wish to procure a copy for yourself or a loved one. It’s on sale for $2 cheaper than the regular price if you order before the end of the year, thanks to MagCloud’s holiday sale.

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  1. Thanks for posting links to multiple videos I’d intended to watch earlier, but forgot about🙂