Starting to Close Out the Year

Last week I finished up the content for the “Life of Audrey 2009 Retrospective” magazine and uploaded it to MagCloud.

Preview Your Issue | MagCloud
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

You’ll be able to buy it here after I receive the proof and approve it, probably later this week. I’ll post on Twitter when it’s ready. [Update: It’s available now.]

The third annual Winter Coders’ Social was last Tuesday night. This has become a really cool year-end tradition for the local tech scene. People from a bunch of different user groups get together for a holiday potluck and board games.

Winter Coders' Social

Winter Coders' Social

Winter Coders' Social

My current reading interest is noir crime novels. While I love a lot of the later derivatives of these, I’d never picked up a Hammett or Chandler book until a couple of weeks ago. So far I’ve read The Big Sleep and The Maltese Falcon. I love the writing style and rhythm. It feels like they were meant to be read out loud, like radio plays. So I recorded a bit from Maltese Falcon on AudioBoo. It’s the section where we first encounter “the fat man”, and the adjectives he uses just crack me up.

I also just finished From Hell, the Alan Moore/Eddie Campbell graphic novel. It’s a huge book, which I didn’t realize when I ordered it, but dense and engaging. They do some really interesting things with time, consciousness, and different characters’ perspectives throughout, like a section when we’re fully inside Gull’s head and everything around him seems to glow. Highly recommended.

On Saturday we had a Calagator code sprint, the first one in quite a while. Only 5 attendees, in part due to the weather (we were promised freezing rain, which turned out to be cold and damp but only a little icy). But we got through several tickets, and added a couple of small features which should improve usability. You should be on our mailing list and following Calagator on Twitter if you want to find out when the next sprint will be.

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