We’re All Going to Freeze to Death

The current outside temperature is 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Twenty six. What city is this again?

Nice day in Long Beach

I actually spent most of last week in Long Beach, where it was 70ish and sunny. Not that I got outside much during the day, or even saw a proper beach, because I was busy cramming my head full of iPhone knowledge at a Pragmatic Studio class. I love that kind of intensive workshop format. What better way to learn something than to work on it for enough hours a day that it infects your dreams? (I don’t really know if dreaming about table views means I understand them better, but it was interesting…)

I started working on a Calagator app to show the current day’s events. It currently looks like this:

iPhone Simulator
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Pretty slick, huh? (Kidding, just kidding. It will have real data soon.)

I’m also working on a Life of Audrey 2009 retrospective magazine I’m going to publish through MagCloud. I’ve done a fair amount of writing and photography this year, so I thought it would be fun to compile the highlights into a print object. I’m trying to decide whether to include an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo project. It might be hard to find a section that makes sense on its own and doesn’t need massive amounts of rewriting. But maybe someone will find it entertaining anyhow? Hard to know.

Stay as warm as you can.

3 responses to “We’re All Going to Freeze to Death

  1. Freezing weather this week, and then warmer weather and rain next week. If only the cold weather would match up with the rain, we might get some snow out of it.

  2. I know, snow would be more interesting.

  3. We _are_ all going to freeze to death. In the last hour, my phone has gone from showing a nighttime low of 17° to 12°.