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First item of news: I finished NaNoWriMo last night. Seriously. All done. As mentioned on Twitter, I expect this thing will need extensive rewriting before it’s even close to publicly readable, but I don’t have to think about that for weeks or months. Yay.

It’s the tenth anniversary of the WTO protests in Seattle, which I’ve written about before. I’m still grateful there’s only been one week in my life where I’ve sat around watching the news to figure out if I could walk around my neighborhood without encountering pepper spray, tear gas, and police lines.

When I’m at the end of a project with a imminent deadline, I discover an amazing tendency to suddenly get excited about some other creative project (one that does not have to be finished anytime soon). This past week it’s been electronic music. I picked up a UCreate Music toy a few weeks ago, but didn’t spend much time playing with it after I unwrapped it. Until this past weekend, of course. Click the audio link above to see what it sounds like.

The device is set up to play 12 installed loops plus 2 you can record yourself. You can plug it into a computer via USB to download your song, or update the samples from various other sets it downloads from the UCreate site. Right now the options are a little limited; just five sample packs. There’s a link for a store, but if you click it, it says “Coming Soon”. (Which is really weird, IMO. Why show the link if you don’t have a store set up and there’s nothing to tell people when it might become available?) It will let you drag and drop the different sample pack sounds to any button you want, but your own recorded loops can’t be moved from the bottom row. So I’d like to figure out how to install custom sounds. I found one other blog post asking about this, but no one who’s made it work yet.

Even without that, it’s still a fun toy. I like how the effects controller pad works. Perhaps I’ll have a video to demonstrate, next week.

The other music toy I’m playing with is the Korg DS-10. No finished sound clips to show off yet, but if you pick this up for yourself, I recommend checking out howto videos on YouTube.

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