Progress Report

Back in September I started keeping a daily log of everything I make, read, and watch, along with excursions like meetings or trips to the farmers market. It’s on paper to discourage over-analyzing, and excludes my “day job” work (I try to keep that in its own area).

Anyhow, this lets me go back and see how I’m spending my free time a bit more clearly, which is nice when you’re juggling a bunch of different side projects.

Open Source Bridge is winding up again, starting with an initial fundraising push. If you’d like to get involved, we started a new mailing list (we weren’t very happy with how we split things up before). Sign up and see where you can help.

I haven’t forgotten about I❤ Food Carts, but I also don’t have any new news other than plans to start the layout this week. The cart owners survey has received some neat responses, but there’s definitely room for more.

There’s some neat stuff going on around the City of Portland and open source, but not much that’s ready to point to yet. My part mostly involves going to meetings, and later asking people I know “so if there was going to be [a regional data apps contest|a professional association for open source developers|a bouncy castle with kittens and rainbows], what would you want it to do?”


I’ve been doing some more drawing. Right now I’m inking the sketch from the Lovecraftiana post (I finally learned out how to use the pen tool in Photoshop, and to make better use of layers for lighting and coloring, and now it’s up there with photo editing for “most relaxing computer activity”). The picture above is my first attempt to put some of these new skills to work.

My Etsy shop has been barren a while, but after a fair amount of waffling, I relisted some of my favorite unsold items. There’s still several skeins of handspun yarn, hand-dyed sock yarn, scarves, and bags available, and I have more I may list if these sell.

All of the knitting projects have stalled again, possibly because I’m reading instead. I started Planetary, which is interesting timing because the last issue just came out, and now I’m in the middle of Unseen Academicals, which is succeeding in cramming in all the football [soccer] culture jokes possible (I’m not even convinced I’m catching them all, myself).

And you know, other stuff. Like noticings and Freakangels and thinking up ideas for when Newspaper Club is open for business and enjoying the pre-Halloween surge of Lovecraftian crafts being linked everywhere. But not very many events because I seem to want to hole up at home and think, more than anything else right now. It’s a good change from the first half of the year.

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