Call for Submissions: I <3 Food Carts

Last spring I set up a website for an impulsively considered project, a magazine called I❤ Food Carts. Now that I have slightly more free time (yay!), I’ve been working out what I want to do with it.

In the last few months, Portland’s food cart scene has been getting an increasing amount of media attention. I don’t really want to duplicate that: I think Food Carts Portland is doing a great job of documenting what carts are out there. Instead, I’m looking to make a sort of fanzine about what we like about our carts, and street food around the world. What makes this fun? Why are you at Whiffies at 1am three times a week? What surprises you (in good and bad ways)?

To that end, I’m looking for photos, essays, pirate maps, and other documents about street food experiences. You can find more details about the format and what I’ll be doing on the website, and the link to submit.

One response to “Call for Submissions: I <3 Food Carts

  1. This is a cool project! We’ll be sure to plug it on food carts portland for you, and let us know what else we can do to support this endeavor.