Vancouver Island Vacation

I’d been looking forward to this all summer. A whole week of camping and touristing around Victoria on Vancouver Island: no email, no distractions, no stress or worries. Well, it didn’t quite work out the way I expected. I made a little comic to explain. Click below to see for yourself.

August Vacation – 2009

A few photo highlights that didn’t make it into the comic:






3 responses to “Vancouver Island Vacation

  1. Wow, I very much like your comic!!!

  2. Nice comic! I have had my share of camping trips where it rained most of the time. How did you make the comic, by the way?

  3. Thanks! I used a program called Comic Life that lets you drag and drop photos into boxes and add text, speech balloons, etc. It’s really easy to get started with, but pretty flexible, and sometimes I pull the pages into Photoshop to finish up or add other details.