Learning iPhone Development

iPhone Simulator
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I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, but the last few days I’ve actually had time and opportunity to work on iPhone app development. Picking up Objective C has been interesting. I did some C/C++ in college, but never got especially comfortable with it, and since then it’s all been scripting languages. On Reid‘s recommendation I’m working through the Stanford iPhone course materials, and I’m really happy with the pace and progression. I keep waiting for the massively painful moment when I have no idea why my code won’t compile, and it hasn’t happened. This probably has something to do with being a better programmer than I was 10 years ago, but a good curriculum helps too.

We have an iPhone app in progress for a work client, so I’m hoping to pick up some UI tricks I can contribute to that. I’d also like to do a Calagator app, something that tells you what events are happening today, and how to get there. After that? There ought to be a lot I can do with a computer in my pocket, that hasn’t been tried yet. It’ll be fun to explore.

The irony of working with something as closed off as the iPhone platform is not lost on me. Lucas just upgraded from his fairly low-tech Nokia phone to a G1, built on the open source Android system. But I love the iPhone interface, so I’ll be looking for ways I can contribute openness where possible. Maybe someone would like to collaborate on that Calagator phone app with me?

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  1. Sometime in July or later, I’d love to work on a Calagator iPhone app.🙂