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I had a series of thoughts that started like this:

Last week, impatient for the new Kindle release, I looked up eBook readers for the iPhone, and found Stanza. I then spent large pieces of my weekend reading the Rifters books (I’m now on the second half of Behemoth), which are available through the Feedbooks catalog under a Creative Commons license.

For a couple days I’ve been thinking about what I like about reading on the iPhone. Part of it is that I can hold the phone at a comfortable angle no matter how I’m sitting or standing, which is something books have over laptops. Stanza also makes it easy to adjust the font and colors to something your eyes find friendly. Plus it’s very portable, letting me read a couple pages here and there in between other things.

Today I started wondering whether anyone is making magazines targeted at mobile devices or ebook readers. It’s not as accessible a format as paper, but one copy costs the same as a thousand, which seems like it should appeal to someone given the current print media meltdown. So I made an iPhone-scale pdf to try it out. It’s sort of Zoobooks crossed with the video @reidab and I are making for Open Source Bridge’s IP5 sponsorship.

I’ve also been reading notes from PaperCamp. That’s why the document is 8 pages long. I think it would be neat to print and fold these like the single-page bookfolding trick used by PocketMod and leave them in random places, the paper artifact linking back to the digital with the QR code on the last page.

Now to figure out what the next one should be about.

Update: There’s now a printable version available. Fold according to the directions here.

One response to “Mobile Magazines

  1. QRcode from the backpage to the NEXT issue.

    And is there any old Yog’s Notebook stuff around that could be quickly kicked into shape for this sort of micro-mobile publishing experiement?