What a busy 2008

Mudshark in an ill-fitting hat

In 2008, I

  • Started Calagator.
  • Served on the Legion of Tech board.
  • Helped organize Portland editions of BarCamp, Ignite, and spearheaded WhereCamp Portland.
  • Attended WhereCamp in the Bay Area.
  • Presented at the last (for now) Portland OSCON.
  • Went to way more other events than I can enumerate.
  • Met Matz and several other members of the Shimane Japan open source community.
  • Set up Planet PDX to aggregate Portland tech blogs.
  • Appeared on OPB’s Think Out Loud program to talk about open source in Portland.
  • Had a knitting pattern published in a book.
  • Spent a lot of time talking to people about the Portland tech scene.
  • Worked. We did client projects, we did internal projects, we tried out new bug trackers (so far Pivotal wins), we talked about development and design and client interaction and how to be the best at what we do. I finally (mostly) got over my fear of Javascript, and leveled up my front-end HTML/CSS skills (but I still hate IE). I also wrote a lot of code. With specs. Yay.
  • Appeared in Ultimate Northwest magazine as one of Portland’s 25 most creative thinkers.
  • Celebrated my 5 year anniversary with Lucas with a weekend at the beach.

In 2009, I will

  • Appear on Strange Love Live (very soon: 1/9).
  • Co-chair an awesome Open Source Bridge conference.
  • Travel to Austin TX for SXSWi.
  • Help the rest of the Calagator community finish getting to 1.0 and figure out what’s next after that.
  • Other exciting things, yet to be discovered. Suggestions?

2 responses to “What a busy 2008

  1. You also helped spread the cult of sourdough baking in 2008!

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