Open Source Bridge Town Hall

As Selena announced on her blog:

There’s going to be a new conference in Portland next July.

We’re calling it Open Source Bridge.

Our goal is this:

Create a completely volunteer-run, community conference to connect developers working with open source.

I am excited to be co-chairing this event. Portland is a fabulous place to be working on open source projects, and we’re the ideal community to build an inclusive, diverse conference that focuses on developers’ interests and needs.

Tomorrow night (10/30) we’re having a town hall meeting to talk about our plans for the conference, and what you can do to help. We’ll be meeting at 7:30 PM at Cubespace. Please RSVP if you’ll be there. If you can’t attend but want to get involved, let Selena or myself know, and we’ll get in touch with you. We’re also planning a second daytime meeting for west-siders next week.