[Superstruct] Five Threats

This fall, the Institute for the Future is leading a collaborative future forecasting game called Superstruct. The idea is to use collective storytelling and problem-solving to explore problems we are likely to be facing in the next years. I’m really excited to see how this works to generate creative solutions, and encourage preparedness. It may be more fun to work on near-future risks if we all pretend to be in the midst of it now.

I’ll be using my blog, Twitter, and other tools to participate. Since it’s a speculative exercise taking place ten years from now, I’ll use the [Superstruct] label in the title of blog posts, to separate that content (or #2019 if on Twitter). I already feel like I live in the future, so it should be interesting to intermingle real life and speculative content, and find ways to frame things from my current activities in the context of the game.

To start, go watch the five GEAS threat videos. I’ll be posting my thoughts on “Ravenous” soon.

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