Photo Guru Kram

Local photographer Mark Colman recently started an online show to share his extensive photography knowledge. His hip alter-ego Kram Namloc is entertaining as well as a source of useful tips and inspiration. I had the pleasure of having my picture, seen above, critiqued in episode 5.

One of the things I enjoy about the show is that even though I’ve heard similar advice before, in one form or another, Mark’s enthusiasm makes me want to get out there and do something with it. So if I ask to borrow your dog for an impromptu photoshoot in the shade, I hope you’ll understand, I’m just doing what the guru says.

3 responses to “Photo Guru Kram

  1. I would just like to chime in at this point with an irrational, malicious comment:

    Everything you are doing is bad.

  2. J/K – I love Audrey Birthright’s pictures! Awesome!

  3. Somehow, I just saw this! D-oh!

    Thanks Miss Birthright for your kind comments. Now get out there and shoot!
    Don’t make me mad!😉

    This weeks show will be off da hook!
    Composition is the theme and we have some amazing submissions!

    You so rock!