How to Find Me Online Reminder

I set up a couple of things last year to help organize my online activities. I might have some newer readers here who haven’t seen them yet, so here’s a recap.

One of them is a combined feed from this blog, Twitter, Vimeo, Ma.gnolia, and a few other services. I don’t always get around to blogging about whatever I’m working on, and not everyone reads Twitter, but you can subscribe to the amalgam at (note: it says Tumblr, but I recently moved to This is the same feed that powers the front page of

The other thing is a wiki page listing the online accounts I try to pay attention to (and ways to reach me, like email and IM): As the page says, they’re not the only ones I’m on, but if it isn’t listed, it’s a lower priority.

And then you’ll know things like the video about making cultured butter I made earlier this week.

One response to “How to Find Me Online Reminder

  1. I want to leave a track of the things i like but i can’t figue it out! I have an idea of wat i would like but im not sure…Can u send a servay to me that shows the results of what i like? Please and thank you!
    Fardowsa A.