A Tale of Two Cameras

I recently purchased a DSLR, something I’ve been interested in for quite a while (a Canon Digital Rebel xsi). I also finally remembered to develop two rolls of film from the Holga that had been sitting in the fridge a while. The contrast is amusing.

Here’s Robin dodging the camera flash on the DSLR:

A dinosaur in Arizona:

The Oregon coast:

Also the Oregon coast:
Like an old postcard

I’m not entirely sure what went wrong with the focus on the Holga in those images. I usually keep it set at infinity, but you can’t exactly look through the lens to know what you’re getting.

Much better focus, but the distortion at the edges is more Holga fun:
The Strip

I can’t imagine having only one camera. I could put a weird lens on the SLR, but using film is part of what makes the Holga interesting. I like that some of the result is completely out of my hands—I’ll get what the camera and film decide. But I want sharp, clear, images too. I’ve been learning to work with RAW files. It’s a fun process.

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