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One of the things I realized during OSCON was that I had yet to see a central place to point people to for info on running user groups and tech events, that wasn’t specific to a particular place or technology. There are sites on how to start an Apple User Group, and for Portland we’ve gathered notes on our local tech scene, but we could use something a little broader.

The Open Community wiki is a stab at addressing this. I’m particularly interested in collecting “how we did it” articles from people who have run successful groups and events, and resources like user group book programs that a newcomer might not know to look for. If you have something like this, please go and add a link. And forward the info along to any user group leaders and event planners you might know. I want everyone to be able to get out there and do something they’re excited about, without having to reinvent the wheel as to how to get a space, solicit sponsors, order food, keep a meeting running, etc.

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  2. This is a great idea! I went over to post my HICK Tech article but some one else beat me to it.😉 Thanks for linking to the article and I’ll keep my eye out for other resources that might be of use to the larger community.