OSCON 2008 Notes

I survived. I am mostly caught up on sleep. I have a whole Sunday left to lounge around playing Mario Kart and eating pancakes!

So here’s some of the fun from the week.

Schwern’s People for Geeks tutorial had everything from introductory etiquette to manager-speak to running a user group. I think I’ll be using the concept of tact filters frequently, to explain where geek / everyone else communications go wrong.

One of the presenters, Kirrily Roberts of the Geek Etiquette blog, has also just started a Geek Feminism wiki to track information related to women in technology/gaming/sf. This, combined with Geek Speakr make great starting points for anyone wondering how to get more women involved with their conference or tech events.

Ben Bleything’s Ruby and electronics projects always make me wonder why I still don’t have an Arduino. There’s links to most of what he talked about on his blog.

Selena and Gabrielle gave an intro to running a user group, complete with a short illustrated handbook for attendees (you can download it at the link above). I liked that they had us model some of the techniques discussed as we went.

I really enjoyed leading the panel on Tools for Local Communities. Thanks to Selena Deckelmann, Sulamita Garcia, and Michael Dexter for participating. If you missed it, you can download an audio recording.

This year’s FOSCON, Cooking with Ruby, was entertaining as always. Reid, Igal, and I gave a lightning talk on the Calagator development process. Notes here. The Rails team won the coding competition, with PHP/Symphony coming in second.

I gave a lightning talk on anarchy during the Art of Community session on Thursday.

Emma Jane Hogbin‘s “Form an orderly queue, ladies” blew me away. There were so many things in there that I’ve been trying to formulate into coherent thoughts—now I can just tell you to check out her talk and join in the quest for open source world domination. Slides here and video from the version she did at LUGRadio Live.

Finally, on Friday morning I spoke on OPB Radio’s Think Out Loud, as part of an entire hour on open source. You can download the podcast if you’d like to listen. I’m on about 40 minutes in, but Raven Zachary and Rick Turoczy participated throughout the hour. Reading the comments on Twitter afterward was pretty entertaining.

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  1. Thanks, again, Audrey for helping with the OPB piece. You did an amazing job!